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Who We Are

Range Search Partners is an executive search and organizational consulting firm focused in the Energy, Private Equity, and Life Sciences domains. Over the last 20 years our team has assisted over 300 companies in 28 countries to successfully complete over 1700 search and consulting mandates.

Our success comes from the highly collaborative culture that we foster within our team and our ability to translate that into the trusted partnerships we build with the leaders we support. 

From board and executive search, talent mapping, evaluation and benchmarking to investment support and organizational consulting, we will work with you to develop a tailored solution which will help you achieve your talent management objectives.   

Our Mission

‘To introduce leaders and provide decision making support to companies who deliver positive change in the industries that sustain our way of life’

Our Values

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Collaboration is the bedrock of our culture.  We listen to our colleagues, helping and supporting each other at every opportunity.  We build esprit de corps through ensuring that each team member understands and feels valued for the contribution they make to achieving our collective goals.   

Respect for Diversity

We foster a culture of inclusivity and always treat our colleagues and customers with dignity and respect.  We act and communicate without bias, without exception.  We foster a culture of belonging and actively embrace diversity in our own team, while supporting our customers to build diverse teams in their organizations.

Embracing Challenge

We embrace challenge willingly and constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our colleagues and our customers.  We foster a culture of continuous improvement, empowering our people to find new ways to solve problems and create value.

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What We Do

Our suite of services span the talent function from end to end.  We work in partnership closely with our customers to define the service that will address the talent challenges that they face.

Our rigorous research methodology not only assures access to high quality leadership talent for the organizations we support but allows us to gather robust data and powerful market insights. This combination of access to talent and the supporting market data enables confident talent acquisition decisions to be made.

Board Search Feature

Board Search

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Board Search

Diversity of thought, meaningful strategic guidance, and appropriate governance.

We work with private equity firms and their portfolio companies to find highly talented executive directors and chairpersons for their boards.

These individuals must be highly pragmatic in their approach and be able to translate their own experience into fit for purpose strategic guidance and corporate governance.

Range Search Partners has deep industry networks which we rely heavily upon to identify the most qualified candidates for our clients’ Boards.  However, we do not rely upon network alone, rather we apply the same meticulous research process and diligence to our board search process as we use in our executive search process.  This process ensures that we explore a diverse pool of talent and enables us to guarantee a diverse shortlist of candidates for each and every mandate that we execute.

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Executive Search Feature

Executive Search

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Executive Search

Great leadership is everything.  In order to assure success, today’s executive teams must be innovative, agile, diverse and above all, willing to disrupt traditional thinking. 

Range Search Partners take our role in finding the right leaders for your company very seriously. 

We form lasting partnerships with our customers and develop a deep understanding of their corporate culture.  We listen to understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for their organization.  We search relentlessly to find high performing leaders who embody their values and are equipped to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

When strengthening your executive team, you want to be left in no doubt that you have access to the most qualified candidates that the market has to bear and that no stone has been left unturned.  We provide you with complete transparency at all stages of the search process and provide you with the data to assure your final hiring decision. 

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Professional Search Feature
Professional Search
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Professional Search

Leadership and technical strength and depth.

Having strong executive leadership is critical for any organization, however, the competitive advantage goes to those that also have serious leadership firepower in their middle and senior management ranks.

Whether it be one position or multiple roles, Range Search Partners focusses on cultural fit, technical competence and growth potential when executing professional search mandates. 

We have the ability to tailor this solution to your particular requirement, applying our full executive search methodology when the situation calls for it, or when time is of the essence, a more expedient search process which leverages a combination of our networks, sector insights and sourcing technologies to access highly capable leadership talent.  

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Talent Mapping Feature

Talent Mapping, Evaluation and Benchmarking

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Talent Mapping, Evaluation and Benchmarking

Complete clarity of your talent landscape.

People are the greatest asset to any business and at the same time, are the greatest challenge to an organization from a planning, retention, and attraction perspective. Talent Mapping, Evaluation and Benchmarking takes away the ambiguity from these elements, saving you time and money, while critically allowing you to manage risk more effectively and take advantage of opportunity.

The key value this service delivers is not in a list of names and contact details, but in knowing that the information that you have is comprehensive and can be relied upon.  The quality of our in-house research team, along with the rigor of research methodology, sets us apart in this regard.  Our tried and tested research processes ensure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of identifying and evaluating the best and brightest talent in your market.

We share our research with you throughout each assignment to ensure that we are calibrated and the data we are capturing is of the highest possible value to you.

There are numerous potential applications for our Talent mapping, Evaluation and Benchmarking solution; however, we have outlined some examples below:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership Benchmarking
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership/Workforce Nationalization
  • Comp and Benefits Benchmarking
  • M&A Target Identification

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Organizational Consulting feature

Organizational Consulting

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Organizational Consulting

With societal, employee, shareholder, and customer expectations changing significantly, it has never been more important to connect your people with your purpose.

Your people will drive the success of your organization but only when they are empowered to do so in an organizational environment and structure which encourages a culture of continuous improvement.

Range Search Partners apply a pragmatic approach to all organizational consulting mandates, focusing on providing surgical, practical solutions which enable the full potential of your existing organizational capability to be realized, without having to go through the upheaval of a holistic reorganization.

Our consulting solutions include:

  • Organization Design and Effectiveness
  • Succession Planning
  • Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking
  • Leadership Coaching and Assessment

Our Consulting Solutions Deliver:

Assurance, Enhanced Accountability, Service Agility, Clarified Reporting, Performance Measurement, Continuous improvement

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Investment Support Feature
Investment Support
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Investment Support

Our dedicated research capability and extensive networks in our specialist sectors enable us to provide our private equity and venture capital clients with a suite of pre and post investment support services.

Our solutions are designed to reinforce the deal due diligence process and ensure that the business has leaders at the helm who have the capability to sprint out of the starting blocks once the deal is secured.

Our investment support services include:

  • Executive/Professional Search
  • Management Team Due Diligence
  • Competitor Mapping (Sector or Geography)
  • Talent Mapping and Evaluation (CEO/Leadership Teams)
  • Deal Identification and Introduction

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Practice Areas

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The energy sector is in a state of flux.  Changing environmental policy, investor expectations, and consumer sentiment are just a few of the factors leaders in the energy sector face at the macro level, whilst the digital revolution has created the need for executives to reconsider their talent strategies as the traditional approach becomes gradually obsolete.

In order to thrive in this changing landscape, energy companies must have leaders who are agile, commercially innovative, and who possess the vision to see beyond the turbulence to set a strategic direction regardless.  In short, leaders who lead for the future with the fortitude to stay the course.

Our team has over twenty years’ experience of working with energy companies, large and small, and has delivered over 2000 mandates in this sector across 30 countries around the globe.  In the United States, our team has led over 1200 mandates across 13 US States. Our track record of placing highly capable energy leaders spans all functions, disciplines, and levels of seniority.

  • Oil and Gas
    • Upstream
    • Midstream
    • Downstream
  • Renewable Energy
  • Power and Distribution
Private Equity

Private Equity

Today’s private equity and venture investors within the energy and life sciences sectors certainly have their work cut out for them in today’s complex market conditions where change is the only certainty. 

Increased competition, shifting sociopolitical dynamics, and more stringent stakeholder expectations collide amidst enhanced pressure to deploy dry powder.

In order to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competitive curve, investors find themselves venturing into sectors that are less familiar to them, making access to proprietary deal flow and ability to effectively reference managements teams via their existing networks additional challenges that must be overcome.

Our team has an extensive track record of working with private equity and venture investors and their portfolio companies which spans over 20 years.  We leverage our sector expertise and finely honed research methodology to provide investors with a range of bespoke solutions. These range from providing access to growth-oriented leaders for their portfolio companies to supporting the deal identification and due diligence process via our market mapping or management team referencing solution.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Like many other sectors, the life sciences industry has faced disruptions on several fronts in recent years.  Significant regulatory and social pressures, increased global competition, and the rise of digitalization have all had considerable impacts on the way the industry conducts business.

The ‘traditional’ way of doing things will inhibit innovation and weigh heavily on organizations that are not agile enough to adapt to the need for expedient, empowered decision making. 

To chart a path through the turbulence, organizations will need leaders who have the vision to see ahead of the curve, the ability to build highly capable teams, and the confidence to empower their people to execute. 

Our meticulous research process enables us to reach beyond the obvious, deep into organizational structures to identify leadership potential that has yet to be fully tapped, therefore, priming your organization at middle and senior leadership levels, resulting in an advantage over your competitors.    

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